Count on your local San Antonio, TX experts for your roof inspection job

When was your last roof inspection? If you don't remember, it's probably time for one. If your area has experienced a rough season of storms or you notice neighbors having their roofs inspected, it's definitely time to call Locc Management, LLC. Our roofing inspections efforts will come out and provide a free inspection to inform you the status of your roof. At Locc Management, LLC, we don't try and sell you on a new roof if you don't need it, our knowledgeable experts will provide you with the best solution to your personal situation.

Before a small problem becomes a bigger issue, call us today at (210) 386-3202 for a free roof inspection.

roof inspections in San Antonio, TX

Do You Know the Signs?

It's not often that we think about the roof over our heads, but it's one of the most important parts of your home to have inspected. There are many tell-tale signs for homeowners that it's time for a roof inspection. Keep an eye out for these important signs:

  • Missing shingles- an eyesore, but also a way for elements to further damage your roof
  • Bald shingles- shingles without tiny specs or granules are the first sign of major roof damage
  • Dry or cracked shingles- these bear evidence of wear and tear and might be curled or distorted
  • Patchy shingles- fungi, vegetation or plants can grow on your roof, causing granules to fall off
  • It's been a while- roofs over 15+ years old call for inspections before problems arise

If any of the signs sound familiar to you, it's time to call Locc Management, LLC today at (210) 386-3202 for a free roof inspection!