Sloping Landscape? Don't Let it Slide.

Support it with retaining walls built by Locc Management

Your property on a slope might be vulnerable to soil erosion and landscape damage, but it doesn't have to be. You can call 210-386-3202 and choose Locc Management, LLC to install retaining walls in San Antonio, TX.

retaining walls in San Antonio, TX

5 creative ways to use retaining walls

Use them to create a stunning landscape design. Our retaining walls are useful for much more than the support of a sloped landscape. Since 2014, we have been using them in many different landscape and hardscape features.

Here are five ways to make use of retaining walls:

  1. Build a raised garden bed
  2. Design a landscape with tiers
  3. Conceal an appliance like an air conditioner
  4. Connect a column mailbox to your wall
  5. Line the sides of inset stairs

As a construction and project management company, Locc Management is equipped to take on any retaining wall project like these. With us, you can build a raised garden full of beautiful flowers or a hardscape complete with stone stairs.